Part 1: Marriage Family Parenting – MP3

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PART 1 introduces this educational workshop based on Dr Danesh’s book Unity of Faith and Reason in Action: A Journey of Discovery… recommended reading for anyone aspiring to improve the quality of their marriage and relationships!


“We live at a time when the foundations of belief and faith are shaken; when attachment to a materialistic way of life is almost universally prized and pursued; and when the anthems of compassion, care, and love are silenced by cries of H B Danesh Bookself-interest, self-protection, and fear and hatred of ‘others’. … It is evident that neither materialistic science nor unstudied religiosity will be able to correct the ills of an afflicted humanity. This book invites you to investigate issues of faith and reason, and material and spiritual from the unique perspectives of the unity-based teachings of the newest world religion – the Bahá’í Faith – and consider its profound implications for your personal, family, and community life.”   Dr Danesh’s book is also available in Kindle edition from Amazon and more information is available at: